Commercial Finance

The Situation

Our Client, a market leading financial services brand specialising in providing innovative financial solutions in the B2B and B2C space engaged TPN Recruitment on a challenging appointment for a new Managing Director at their Head Office situated in the North. The accountabilities of the role involved creating a growth strategy for the business, developing clear strategic plans and evaluating potential outcomes. Thinking creatively and mobilising the management team to do likewise whilst ensuring that key performance objectives and targets are set for the business.
The Challenge

Prior to engaging with TPN Recruitment on this specific role, our client had spent the previous 18 months creating and implementing a culture of change, moving toward a diverse agile environment where the adoption of innovation and change would be embraced. This led to a huge overhaul in employees from the “grass roots” right through to the Senior Leadership Team for which TPN had played a key part.
Due to the accountabilities of the role, the presence and gravitas of the needed individual, meant we would potentially be looking at a relocation placement as there are a limited number of candidates based in the North with the level of experience gained within this specific industry. Further complicated by the fact that someone was currently performing the role and so we were unable to go straight to market. The Key challenge in this instance would be selling the role, proposition and business to the candidates without divulging who the client was.
The Solution

Due to the high level of Operational and Cultural changes within the business and the fact TPN have supported them throughout its implementation, this gave us to a deep understanding of requirements needed for the appointment of the role. We then began building our longlist of targeted individuals who were known to us direct or through our network. The focus of the search had been weighted towards soft skill appraisal since we were identifying candidates with strong leadership and influencing skills due to the size and the scale of the role combined with a strong commercial and technical ability. Face to face meetings honed in on leadership skills and management styles were tested by asking tailored questions to this effect and we quickly gained an insight into which candidates were correctly positioned to progress forward.
Our shortlisted candidates were then tested around their competencies, achievements and leadership styles as team responsibility was circa 950 FTE.
The Outcome 

In less than 4 weeks we highlighted a shortlist of candidates that was presented to the client with our notes and recommendations. The candidates included a wide variety of talent from an array of different brands, genders and locations all with the key attributes outlined. Also amongst the shortlist were a number of left field individuals that had demonstrated very promising signs of a potential appointment.  At the end of the process, it was one of these left field candidates who was appointed within the position.
Today this individual has succession plans in place to become the CEO of the business