Payment Processor

The Situation 

Our Client, a leading payments brand specialising in providing payment processing solutions globally engaged TPN Recruitment through our 12-month annual retained package to assist on the appointment of several senior executives. - Directors, who would build the initial frameworks in Finance, Compliance, Sales, Risk and Marketing and be the key drivers in launching their new European business. The initial appointment of the Managing Director would be pivotal to their success as this individual would have overall responsibility for the development, delivery, and performance of their strategic plan for the entire European business.

The Challenge

With senior executives in the global business based outside of Europe, they were looking to leverage TPN’s extensive market knowledge. Looking to us for insight on talent mapping, package benchmarking, market trends, employee retention levels and premises – and ultimately looking for TPN to appoint these positions.
Essentially a start-up brand with no presence, reputation or proposition was always going to be the challenge in selling the opportunity to passive candidates in the market. 

The Solution

Given our expertise and network, TPN were quickly able to appoint a seasoned, hands-on, intuitive, energetic, and forward-thinking Managing Director who was able to lead the business and create a winning culture for a number of senior executives we subsequently placed.
Our shortlist of targeted individuals was predominantly known to us through our network. All successful candidates needed a high level of payments expertise as well as having an entrepreneurial mindset and a deep understanding of the complexities within European payments.

The Outcome

Having gone to market across Europe, we were firstly able to appoint the desired Manging Director as well as support on the relocation of that individual from another country, subsequently built a team around that individual with the appointments of a Chief Risk Officer, Head of Finance and a Head of Marketing. Created and advised executives in China on attractive local remuneration packages for the above mentioned,  and for all future head count in the area of sales and finally  brokered their first “go to market” business partnership via  our network through another key client of ours.