Health Sector Recruitment

TPN would like to extend our recruitment services to the NHS, Care & Private sectors to support them through these unpresidented times. We recongise that the industry and the time of its staff is extremly valuable and pressured with current circumstances. Therefore we are allocating our resources to relieve the pressure and expense of recruitment for HR, recruitment teams and hiring managers.

With 20+ years of experience in recruitment and headhunting techniques TPN are fully equipped to diversify and draw on our well established resources to support with the high demand for new staff within the Health Sector. 

Our Services

Raise Awareness
TPN can act as an advocate for your company. Increasing awareness of your openings to active candidates, sharing your companys services & culture, and exploring in more detail the opportunity with candidates. 

Job Boards
TPN are able to utilise our access to job boards to highlight and generate awareness for your current openings. Saving you the hassle and the cost, both financially and value for time. Through our access to job boards, TPN can also actively search for candidates who have published their CV and are currenlty looking for new opportunities. 

Social Media
Company Facebook pages have their own back office recruitment manager. We are happy to offer our company's job boards as well as manage your company's social media job boards. Alongside this we can play an active part in reaching a diverse candidate audience through soicla media job pages, hash tags, and advertising.

Head Hunting
TPN specialise in reaching passive candidates, ie candidates who are not searching job boards, who don't have a published CV and who aren't actively considering a new opportunity. We do this through identifying indiviudals, presenting them with the opportunity and allowing for exploratory conversations to develop. 

Pre-Screening Candidates
TPN are able to allocate our staff and resources to pre-screening candidates. Here we can speak with individuals to evaluate their experience in relation to your opening and explore their interest in the opportunity. This can save you hours of filtering out candidates who don't meet current requirements. 

No Placement No Fee

TPN operate under a no placement no fee basis. 

This means that until you decide to hire the right candidate for your opening, all services are free. 

Benefits of this include increased awareness for the company and future openings, no cost for advertising, free pre-screening for each potantial candidate and most importantly your time can be spent more valuably. 

Placement fee's can be fully flexible and we would love to explore your company's commercial insight in order to make our services customisable to you. 

Our main aim is to give back to society in these current circumstance, so please feel free to reach out and explore things further with us. 

Stay Safe. 



TPN Recruitment

Melanie Litchfield
TPN Commercial Manager